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Food quality and safety commitment

Our food quality and safety commitment

In 2011, Germline spearheaded the creation of the French sprouted seed producers’ association AFPGG (Association Française des Producteurs de Graines Germées) tasked with drawing up a new quality charter backed by extremely stringent bacteriology testing and food safety control methods. The AFPGG logo on a product means that the charter has been applied and certifies that Germline products have been subjected to powerful microbiological testing far beyond the requirements of the European regulations of March 2013. Today, systematic tests are performed at every stage of the manufacturing process:

     • Before production begins, every batch of seeds undergoes pre-release inspections capable of detecting a single contaminated seed out of 100,000 - a statistical threshold much higher than the average prevailing in the agri-food industry.
     • At the end of the production cycle, water drained from the sprouting enclosures undergoes microbiological testing for bacteria or salmonella before shipping the trays.
     • Before dispatch, the sprouts (finished products) undergo random sampling for inspection.

In addition to in-house quality control, random inspections are carried out by an independent body based on a reference framework that includes best practices (HACCP, etc.), and all points of the Charter are stringently applied.

Traceability is guaranteed thanks to a system that routinely checks, identifies and records every ingredient from in-coming acceptance to delivery of the finished product.

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