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Sprouting in a few words

Sprouting : what is it ?

Sprouted beetroot in a glass jar

Germination is one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena: on contact with water and heat, a seed wakes from its dormant state complete with all its vital potential! In a few short days, the seed splits open and a tiny radicle appears. The radicle is the plant’s embryonic root. During the germination stage, the seed starts building all the reserves the plant will need for its future growth.

Germination makes these reserves available and useable thanks to the action of enzymes, which transform starches into sugar, a readily useable energy source.

Germination increases the seed’s protein content and enzymes cut these proteins into smaller building blocks called amino acids, which are much easier for your digestive system to assimilate. Some of these amino acids are called “essential”
because we only get them from the food we eat. Sprouted seeds are therefore a way of increasing our protein intake in our diet.

Germination has other nutritional assets too: it sharply increases the quantity of vitamins and minerals while destroying “anti-nutritional” compounds like phytic acid. These compounds act by immobilising minerals and preventing us from assimilating them and benefiting from their goodness. By destroying them, germination enhances both vitamin and mineral intake from our food.

While a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical exercise are important, sprouted seeds are also a valuable contribution
to our health.

Germination is an explosion of living, natural energy.

Sprouting evolution : seeds for sprouting, sprouted seeds, taste it !

Sprouting essentials

Croissance des graines germées, une explosion de vitamines et d'enzymes


► Sprouted seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in fats.

► Sprouted seeds are rich in enzyms that aid digestion and sooth the body.

► Sprouted seeds are a living, raw food that's 100% plant-origin, 100% natural, easily assimilated and highly digestible and energy-rich.