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  • Sprouted cereals bar Almond-Chocolate
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Sprouted cereals bar Almond-Chocolate

Made exclusively from sprouted cereals and dry fruits and nuts, this bar has all the nutritional qualities of a conventional energy bar. It supplies an ideal slow and fast carb combination, for a highly-balanced energy intake.

Germ'line bars are free from added flavourings, colourings, preservatives, additives and/or free from added sugar.

With its sweet, delicate flavour, this mouth-watering ALMOND-CHOCOLATE bar delights the taste buds of all, big and small alike.

Ingredients: almond* 30%, honey*, sprouted cereals (KAMUT®*, rye*, spelt*) 20%, dark chocolate** 15% (cocoa** paste*, cane** sugar, cocoa** butter*), acacia* fibre.

*ingredients proceeding from organic farming

**ingredients proceeding from organic farming and fair trade

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  • A natural energy booster to enjoy at any time of the day, even between meals. Their ultra-handy format means you can take them with you anywhere, anytime: sport events, leisure, hikes, teatime snacks, recuperating after physical exertion, etc.

    Keep at room temperature.

  • 3 x 30 g.

    The sprouting seed synthesises numerous amino acids, active enzymes, vitamins and trace elements. The key purpose of germination is to make the seed’s nutritional capital bio-available with a high level of absorption.  Guaranteeing optimised energy intake.

    Prepared without cooking, Germ'line's sprouted cereals are dehydrated using soft technology preceded by low-temperature drying to preserve all the benefits of germination, and then finely ground.


      Average nutritional values      Per 100g      Per serving (30g)   


      1908,3 kJ (457,2 kcal)

        629,8 kJ (151 kcal)

      Fats   25 g     8,3 g
           of which SFA     5,7 g     1,9 g
      Carbohydrates   43,5 g     14,4 g
           of which sugars     29,1 g     9,6 g
      Dietary fibres   7,1 g     2,3 g
      Proteins   11 g     3,6 g
      Salt   0,012 g     0,004 g