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Sprouted broccoli

The taste of sprouted broccoli goes wonderfully with salads and vegetables.

Ingredients: 100% sprouted broccoli (Brassica rapa cymosa), proceeding from organic farming.

Cultivated in France. Origin of the seeds: Italy.

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  • Ideal with your wok veggies or potatoes, and vegetable purees.

    Keep your sprouted seeds in their tray in the fridge, A conserver au réfrigérateur dans sa barquette d’origine, until the expiration date indicated on the package.

  • Originating in the Italian province of Calabria a century or two before our time, the Romans grew broccoli as a prized vegetable. However, it seems to have disappeared with the decline of the Roman Empire. It was only reintroduced into Italy in the 16th century from Crete or the east of the Mediterranean rim.

    Germination increases the seeds’ natural vitamin content and promotes the body’s assimilation of minerals.

    Packaged in 50g trays, 100% recyclable.

  • Average nutritional values for 100g of sprouted product:


      308 kJ / 74 kcal  

      Fat   4,6 g
           saturates     traces
      Carbohydrate   2,0 g
           sugars      2,0 g
      Fibre       3,9 g
      Protein   4,7 g
      Salt    0,06 g