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Canned mung beans sprouts

Enjoy one of the most nutritive sprouts , canned, ready to eat, with the additional advantage of long shelf life and storage at room temperature...

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  • Ready to eat mung beans sprouts. Don't skip the good things just because you have to hurry: treat yourself to a crunchy, healthy and quick salad.

    Shelf life : 22 months

  • Ingredients: mung beans* sprouts, water, cane sugar*, sea salt*, anti-oxydant: ascorbic acid, acidyfying: citric acid.

    *Ingredients proceeding from organic farming.

  • Average nutritional values per 100 g


           147 kJ / 35 kcal   

      Fats        0,1 g
           of which SFA          < 0,1 g
      Carbohydrates        5,0 g
           of which sugars        3,2 g
      Dietary fibers            1,6 g
      Proteins        2,7 g
      Salt         0,48 g