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  • Glass jar sprouter
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Glass jar sprouter

Probably the simplest and most economical sprouter you can buy! Extremely hygienic and space saving, this sprouter can travel with you.

Its main advantage: soaking, watering and sprouting all in a single container.

This sprouter is ideal for growing a single seed variety at a time, or for those just starting out with sprouting.

It is designed for use with all seed types, except mucilage seeds.

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  • See instructions opposite.

    To succeed everytime :

    - After each watering, gently move the seeds around to prevent them from them sticking together and to make sure they have enough breathing space.

    - Remember to put the sprouter back on its base, in a slanted position for the water to drain away.

  • Glass jar, certified food-contact plastic drainer, guaranteed phthalate-free and BPA-free.

    Dimensions : H 16,5 x Ø 9 x 12,5 cm. Net weight (empty) : 315 g.