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Drink alive, lactofermented, non-pasteurised, 100% organic, 100% plant origin, with extremely low sugar content.

Kombucha is traditionally considered as a "mushroom", and its inventors the Chineses use to call it “Tche” or “Elixir of long life”. It is actually made up of a colony of yeasts, bacteria and fermenting yeasts. During this stage, the mushroom will give off a large number of active nutritional substances through lacto-fermentation, including a large quantity of lactobacilli, renowned for their probiotic properties.

These components, produced using a 100% natural process, make this drink outstandingly digestive, stimulating and capable of keeping the body regulated.

Ingredients: water, cane** sugar* (reabsorbed during fermentation), selected herbs* (of which green tea*), Kombucha* culture.

*ingredients proceeding from organic farming.

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  • The benefits of the drink do not result from drinking large quantities in a short time period. It is recommended to drink 1 glass of it daily after each main meal. Like all lacto-fermented drinks, the Kombucha may contain traces of alcohol.

    Produced by natural lacto-fermentation, it contains traces of alcohol (~2.0% vol.), this drink is not recommended for pregnant women and children.

    Keep the bottle upright in a cool place, and do not shake before opening.

    After opening, keep in the fridge and use within 8 days.

    Tips for use: Serve chilled.

  • To keep its content alive and active, Germ’line Kombucha is non-pasteurised so it continues to live after bottling. Germ'line's Kombucha is bottled unfiltered and unpasteurised.

    Because it is bottled unfiltered, you can expect to find a small quantity of whitish gelatinous culture in suspension: this is perfectly normal and testifies to the product’s vitality. The culture is perfectly fit for drinking.

    The Kombucha is preservative, colouring* and GMO-free*, in compliance with organic production regulations.

    Germ'line's Kombucha is available in 1L and 33cL glass bottle.

  • Average nutritional values for 100mL :


      93 kJ / 23 kcal   

       Fats   traces
          of which SFA   traces
       Carbohydrates   < 0,5 g
          of which sugars      < 0,2 g
       Dietary fibers      < 0,5 g
       Proteins   < 0,3 g
       Salt   traces