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Sprouted lentil

The lentil is one of the first pulses to have been domesticated. Sprouted, it has a sweet and sour flavour, very appreciated in salads, mashed vegetable and soups.

Ingredients: 100% sprouted lentil (Lens culinaris), proceeding from organic farming.

Cultivated in France. Origin of the seeds: France.

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  • Light, crunchy and digestable, lentil sprouts go wonderfully with cold salads, veggie soups and creams.

    Sprouted lentils go wonderfully with pork or vegetable stews.  It is surprising on baked fish, added after cooking (3 to 5 min max).

    For fragile stomachs and intestines, it can be blanched, which is to say quickly cooked in boiling water. 

    Must be kept in the refrigerator (1 to 4°C), preferably in their original packaging, in an airtight container or under food-quality cling film. To be eaten before the date stated on the product packaging.

  • Originally appreciated in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs, remains of lentils were found in the royal tombs at Thebes dating to 2,400 years BC and we know, thanks to frescoes from the Ramses II epoch, that the Egyptians ate lentil soup.

    Packaged in 100g tray, 100% recyclable.

    Germination increases the seeds’ natural vitamin content and promotes the body’s assimilation of minerals.

  •  Average nutritional values for 100g of sprouted product:


      466 kJ / 110 kcal   

      Fat   traces
           saturates   traces
      Carbohydrate   15 g
           sugars   traces
      Fibre   5,7 g
      Protein   9,0 g
      Salt    0,02 g