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Sunflower sprouts

An oilseed of choice, sunflower seeds produce sprouts celebrated for their unmatchable green colour, freshness, crunch and slightly peppery taste. Try them on toast with plain or herb cream cheese : yummy !

Ingredients: 100% sunflower sprouts (Helianthus annuus), proceeding from organic farming.

Cultivated in France. Origin of the seeds: France.

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  • Sunflower sprouts are a subtle condiment for wafers, burgers or pesto sauces as a replacement for pine kernels.

    Must be kept in the refrigerator (1 to 4°C), preferably in their original packaging, in an airtight container or under food-quality cling film. To be eaten before the date stated on the product packaging.

  • The sunflower was introduced to Europe in the 16th century from America. The name comes from the Italian "tornasole", in reference to the way the plant turns to face the sun as it travels across the sky.

    Packaged in 50g tray, 100% recyclable.

    Germination increases the seeds’ natural vitamin content and promotes the body’s assimilation of minerals.

  • Average nutritional values for 100g of sprouted product:


      313 kJ / 76 kcal   

      Fat   5,4 g
           saturates      0,8 g
      Carbohydrate   2,4 g
           sugars   2,1 g
      Fibre      2,9 g
      Protein   2,9 g
      Salt    0,02 g